“Value Creation”

Value is to make customers’ lives better by providing products with great designs and functions. If the daily life of the customer gets better, the life can be wonderful as well. No matter what difficulties occur, we will realize this mission in good faith. There are plenty of products in Japan, but there are really few products that make customers’ lives better. Your products will certainly change their lives.


To developers of great products

Why do not you spread your wonderful products in Japan? Japan is the economic country with the third largest GDP. Consumer’s willingness to buy is also high, they like new products. However, it is also a fact that difficult to spread foreign products from the unique customs and language barriers. We have a system to clear those obstacles. There is a problem of price decline due to online sales. I will tell you about the countermeasure free of charge. Please feel free to contact us in case you need help.From now, it describes the situation of Japanese market, entry method, our system. Please read on.

The reality of Japanese market

1.Japanese prefer new products

Japan has long studied foreign cultures and techniques and has grown. In the Meiji era, they became a gentleman wearing clothes from a samurai. There is ethnicity that likes new products from such history. Japan is a market suitable for launching new products.

2.Responding to import restrictions

Japan has detailed regulations for imported products from foreign countries. Among them, there are things that have to pass the prescribed exam and those that require permission by notification. We can not sell products in Japan unless we clear that regulation.

3.Japanese who is not good at English

Many Japanese are not good at reading and speaking English. According to Rakuten research data, 70% of Japanese answered that “English is not good”. Even if you release new products with amazing features and designs, success in the Japanese market is difficult not to appeal them in Japanese.

How to enter the Japanese market

1.Establishment of subsidiary

It is most effective when you want to increase the quantity sold in Japan. However, it will cost huge expenses and time. Prepare an office. Employ employees and educate. Improvement of logistics environment of products. Advertisement expansion of products. It is a high risk method.

2.Entry by electronic commerce

This is the easiest way to enter the market with the lowest risk. In Japan, purchase of goods by e-commerce is increasing. However, in order to increase the quantity sold, there are provision of product pages that customers want to buy, countermeasures for search ranking, distribution improvement, and customer service. We have a system that is maintained about these.

3.Partner with a Japanese distributor

By partnering with an agent already having a system to sell new products in Japan, you can save expenses and time. This is the best way to expect the lowest risk and the best effect.

Reason for choosing SPREAD VALUE

We have a system to spread new products to Japan quickly and reliably.

1.Fund raising and market research by Japanese Crowd Funding.

2.Sales channels to e-commerce platform

For all sales channels, it is possible to post special advertisement space.



It is a major domestic electronic commerce platform. There are many uses by male customers. The number of customers is overwhelming. It will be the best site to raise the profile of products.

Yahoo Shopping


It is the site with much market share after Amazon and Rakuten. The sales amount has been rising recently. There are many inflows from SOFTBANK users who are mobile companies.

Wowma!(KDDI Group)


There are many users of au which is a mobile company. The KDDI group has 77 million unique users. It is a site where you can expect future sales expansion.

3. Sales route to Japanese company

We can propose products to more than 2,500 Japanese companies. Among them, large companies are included.

4.Registration support for trademark rights and design rights and patent rights in Japan by affiliated patent attorneys.

It is necessary to protect your product from counterfeit goods.

5.Responding to import restrictions

Japan has fine regulations on imported products. We can not sell products in Japan unless we clear that regulation. In accordance with the product, we will conduct an exam and act on behalf of necessary notification.

6.Logistics system that delivers goods quickly and reliably.


Japan Post


7.Customer service that can meet the high expectation of Japanese.